Daredevil #7

Daredevil #7(Spoilers ahead for Daredevil #7)

Marvel’s Original Sin gave creators a chance to explore unanswered questions in their characters’ pasts. Most of them whiffed on making this interesting, but the gold medal goes to Daredevil.

A key part of Daredevil (Matt Murdock) is his background of being raised by a single father. Which is by itself interesting, especially given the era it was originally written in. The open question is, what happened to his mother? Why did she leave them?

Very long term readers know that Matt’s mom had since become a nun. But until this issue we never knew why.

And inside is a very well handled treatment of what’s now understood as postpartum depression. It’s a very scary chemical imbalance that used to be dismissed as ‘baby blues’, as discussed in the comics. As an adult women whose had several friends deal with this issue, none of his is a surprise to me, but I imagine a lot of readers really had no idea this was a thing and how it worked. And to really make the point they devote the letters page to a very informative FAQ from the group Postpartum Support International.

Feminism is about a lot of things, but one of them is how ‘women issues’ are often not talked about in mainstream media. You just don’t see serious discussions of this in pop culture, let alone superhero comics. So kudos to the Daredevil team for making a good story and also an informative one. I didn’t see this coming at all, and I’m delighted!