Link: ECCC Gender Survey

A survey from Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle reveals that women outnumbered men:

No matter how you try and spin it, the conclusion is inescapable that women are involved in comic book culture in 2014. Which is why it’s important for publishers to realize their target demographic has shifted substantially and they aren’t just making power fantasies for 20-something straight white men any more. (And that itself is a shift from when they were for adolescent boys.)

Congratulations, publishers! For years and years, all anyone could talk about was how to break through to untapped demographic markets! Well, it turns out the key was making a series of very good and accessible blockbuster movies. Now we’re here, and a lot more women are dipping their toes into the comic book market. Let’s make sure there’s plenty of good stuff to find! Now is absolutely the critical time to care about this sort of thing!