Link: Feminist comic pull list

From my favorite queer women website, Mey shares her excellent pull list:

I might have to check out Red Sonja, but the rest of them get an enthusiastic thumbs up. I’d also add in:

Batgirl, by Gail Simone. Not only is Batgirl a kick-ass woman who is a great, never-say-die role model, but one of the main supporting cast is a very well handled trans woman.

Princeless, by Jeremy Whitley. This is a fun, kid-friendly comic about a Princess and her companions who go around subverting the Patriarchy, basically. It hits all the right notes!

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Because, Buffy. I could write an essay on why Buffy is the greatest feminist icon of the first decade of the 21st century, and maybe I will someday, and the comics carry on the story. Not as good as the show, but that’s a high bar, and they’re still quite enjoyable. Angel & Faith is a companion book, and there’s little reason not to get both.

There’s so many good feminist comics out there! There hardly seems to be a reason to care about the piles of macho nonsense that used to be the dominant life form in comics.