Link: Why the new Black Wally West is just offensive

Over at bleeding cool:

And he’s absolutely right. There are precious few non white male writers at DC and Marvel. And if you think that other people just aren’t interested – go to a comic con. Go to artist alley. Find people selling their indy comics. There are lots of black men, lots of women, sometimes even black women.

There are a few counter-examples – G.Willow Wilson is a muslim writing a muslim lead in Ms. Marvel, and Margerie Liu is Asian-American and writes a diverse cast on Astonishing X-Men. But mainstream comics that aren’t centered around white male culture are still very rare. (My favorite is probably Priest’s run on Black Panther in the 90s. If there ever was a book that benefited from an African-American writer….)

Our rallying cry is the same: Diversity makes for better stories. And by diversity we don’t mean Bendis or Johns writing about characters other than white men, nearly as much as we mean actually hiring some of the many talented, eager creators that are actively trying to get in the door. Ms. Marvel shouldn’t be the exception, it should be the start of something wonderful.

Obviously I’m going to write a post about Ms. Marvel soon, probably when the next issue drops!