People who just don’t get it

DC Movie Writer David Goyer does not get She-Hulk at all:

I could go on a long rant about how She-Hulk is not, in fact, a sex character but instead a fully realized woman with agency and competence, but the Internet has already obliged. I think this claim says a lot more about Mr. Goyer than it does about any issue of She-Hulk that’s ever been printed.

And here’s where I get into the feminism for a moment. This is something that some men do. Because someone is a good fit for one of their sexual fantasies (and hey, I totally get why someone might think She-Hulk is hitting all of his or her high points), they reduce her solely to this in their mind. Not usually so explicitly as this, but not too far off. And this happens to real people too, not just fictional characters. Never mind that the person on the other end did not agree to this objectification and in fact continues to live their actual life as someone who exists for more than someone else’s fantasies. Unless you’re talking about a character in a porn movie, this is a really bad mindset to get into.

And then beyond the She-Hulk thing, Mr. Goyer can’t help but take a pot-shot on comics fandom, falling into the whole adult male child who never has sex stereotype. Um, dude. Have you been in a comic shop in the last five years? To a convention? Over half of the attendees of Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle were women. All you’re saying with a crack like that is, “I am not part of your culture at all, and I don’t care enough to even know who you are.”

Can an outsider write a good comics movie? I really don’t think so. From the vantage point he’s taking, the source material is male power fantasy for underdeveloped men. That’s not what the comics themselves actually are, for the most part. Not the ones worth reading. Dear god, what’s he going to do with Wonder Woman? What are the odds he gives her a role beyond male sexual fantasy?

The best comics movies love their source material. You just can’t do it if you don’t inherently think there’s something noble and human about people like Tony Stark or Peter Parker. If you don’t capture the love, you end up with things like Man of Steel – loud, flashy, and heartless.

I was already skeptical of another Snyder-directed movie, but Batman vs. Superman: The Dawn of Justice just firmly dropped into the rent on home video list for me, and that only because I’m a superhero addict.